Deionized Water Vs Distilled Water– Which Has The Purest Water?

Deionized water vs distilled water has been a long standing comparison by among those who want to have the purest drinking water and this is also mostly argued upon by those who design and manufacture water filters and water purification equipment. Actually, there are some differences between the two methods used although they have the same objectives and that is producing the cleanest and purest drinking water for us all. Other than that, their prices are also based according to the technology they use.

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The water produced from deionization is more similar to water filtration and sometimes it is considered a part of the filtration process. Water passes through a single or many filters in which every single filter can filter out certain particles. These particles are composed of dissolved salts. The filters can filter these salts out along with other impurities that are commonly present on household water. However, one insignificant use of deionization is it does not remove the smallest germs from the water.

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The Efficiencies Of The Distillers

The process of distillation involves only simple process and one can do this using only simple basic utensils. The distillation process involves the boiling of the water until steam form. The steam produce water condensation and the condensed water is what make the drinking water. With boiling, almost all water-borne germs will be killed so even if you drink the water right after the distillation process, there will be no germs in it. Moreover, if there is not enough boiling in the distillation process some germs may still remain in the water.

One specific difference between the deionized water vs distilled water is that the distilled water when produced can be considered water that is already on an altered state since most of the water properties are cleansed out during the distillation process. There would be no impurities left and no sediments either. Moreover, it would take few boiling passes before true drinking water is produced with the distillation. Testing will prove if impurities are removed.

Deionization Water Purity Requirement

There are actually no definite testing on which of the two methods can produce the purest water. Both use repeating process to produce the cleanest water. The deionized water is produced with water repeatedly passing thru the filters while distilled water goes thru the same repeating processes. Their operational cost is also hard to assume. However, there is an opinion that deionized water can only reach its highest level of water purity if the costly deionization equipment will be used because simple water filtration cannot totally produce very clean water. In other words, with basic filtration, bacteria and viruses can still present in the deionized water.

To wrap it up, the usual question on which is better deionized water vs distilled water cannot be determined just as easy. What is more important is how this can produce clean water to secure our health and how the equipment used in these processes can efficiently use energy. Distillation, on the other hand, can be done at home because it only involves boiling that can kill bacteria and viruses. Deionized water can only be done with the use of equipment with efficient multi-stage filtering system and this is the reason why deionizing machines are only popular for commercial scale. Deionized water vs distilled water still makes us more curious which is far better but given the technicalities, the distilled water is far safer.




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