Are Solar Water Distiller Units Feasible?

Solar water distiller units are better be used when there is a need to have safe water when clean water is getting scarce. However, as of this time, the volume of clean water these units can produce are still limited due to the fact that solar power unlike the use of electricity takes time to build up so there is more loss of water from evaporation than from the water that comes from condensation. If this problem can be solved, the use of solar water distillers can be more appropriate for use among the Third World countries because they get more exposure from the sunís rays.

How the solar water distillers work is not much different from the operations of the electric-powered water distillers. The only problem is that their processes take time to complete. The heat stored from the sun creates heat on the water and this heat produces humidity. The water produced from the humidity is much like the steam and as it heats up and produces water precipitates, the precipitates go through a plastic tube and settle on a second chamber where it cools down and become drinkable water. In this natural process, impurities are left out at the bottom of the original water chamber. The second water collection chamber is made of plastic so the collected water is allowed to cool off. In this process, water is purified and even disease-causing organisms are eliminated.

Effective Use of the Sunís Rays

water filter system

There is a practical use to the solar water distiller units especially for survival purposes. But one thing that can limit its use is the amount of water that may not be enough to produce clean water for large number of people. Eventually, if these systems are enhanced, countries that have hot climates all year round will benefit from it and there would be no need to boil water whatsoever.

In other countries, there are solar water distiller units that are being used but are equipped with other technologies to make producing clean water more viable. Since the use of solar power is not enough, the use of electricity is sometimes applied and at the same time solar power is collected. So if we look at it closely, the purity of water can vary. In that case, the purest water must be used for drinking while the other forms can be used for batching and cleaning. Sometimes the excess water can also be used in watering the plants.

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Alternating Power to Produce Clean Water

Relying from the sun with the goal of purifying water is sometimes ineffective so we still have to rely on other technologies just to produce clean water. For instance, there can be the use of reverse osmosis units which can sustain water for families. The only negative aspect with these units is that these require high amount of electricity to complete the water filtration processes. If only the use of solar photovoltaic technology can be fully enhanced, there is a great potential that solar water distillers can fully benefit mankind. With the sunís hot rays, it can equal the amount of energy the electricity can produce and which we can use to power up water distillation units.

Unfortunately, we still cannot see a bright future for the use solar water distillers because we are still not focused in innovating this technology to reach it maximum application. That is why we have to rely on reverse osmosis filtration systems and electric distillation units which are now getting popular and getting accepted in many parts of the world. If ever we can produce electricity that does not come from fossil fuels but from solar power, the use of solar powered water distillers can be more viable and cleaning the water can be much easier and cheaper with solar water distiller.




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